Closer to the truth

The view count is now less than 100 per day; a week ago several hundred people were engaging. Interesting. I hope your subscription e-mails are still arriving. I wonder if we are getting the wrong kind of attention. Things in society are building to a head of some sort. Perhaps we are all getting closer to the truth…? Or maybe I am boring… This fall, we shall see.

“Liberal Media Demands Trump Supporters Undergo Deprogramming” In other words, the Spanish Inquisition for heresy from what Nitzakhon calls the Covidian religion.

Flat out lies – from a Democrat president* and Republican governor.

Is anyone surprised?

“U.S. sees first cases of dangerous fungus resistant to all drugs in untreated people” Resistant pathogens will be an important topic of conversation for us shortly. By the way, a dangerous ophthalmic fungus was reported in India a few weeks ago in conjunction with the new delta “variant”.

Leaders of countries not interested in “vaccines” are either assassinated, or targets of assassination. Probably just a coincidence.

I hope this is successful! “Made-in-Israel anti-viral nasal spray found effective against COVID: Enovid, a spray developed in Canada by SaNOtize and manufactured in Israel has been found to reduce viral loads in confirmed COVID-19 cases by 95% in 24 hours and 99% in 72 hours”

“Daily COVID Deaths in Sweden Hit Zero, as Other Nations Brace for More Lockdowns”

Everything is racist. “How the Effects of Historically Racist Laws Are Still Keeping BIPOC from the Outdoors”

Targeting children – evil. “Teaching School Children the Evil of Whiteness”

Fantastic legal brief by a patriot. “Montana Attorney General Provides Legal Basis for Rejecting Critical Race Theory”

From Raheem Kassam: “Twenty Years Ago, A Mass Migration Plot Was Hatched To Help The Left Change The West Forever” Kassam quotes a British official: “I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.”

Our federal employees opened the gates to invaders. Treason?

VP to illegal aliens – America is your home. VP to American citizens visiting the Capitol – rot in jail while we beat you.

“Greg Kelly Airs Photos of All of the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners Still in Gulag without Trial”

“Jan. 6 Prisoners Brutally Beaten, Stripped, Hogtied, Humiliated by Guards – One Prisoner Blinded in One Eye”

This video, under 2 minutes, introduces a new documentary, “Surviving Socialism”, a democidal totalitarian system admired by an alarming number of spoiled American brats.

It’s a step in the right direction! “Secessionist, Border Realignment Movements Gaining Traction in US”

See you tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Closer to the truth

  1. Blasio and Cuomo have dropped the hammer on NY. I would suppose that is their plan, bit by bit so there isn’t one broad sweep across the USA, like France, Australia, and Italy. Good for the Swedes, glad to see they are doing something right.

    We have things that work against the Rona, but they are too cheap. Did the Israeli’s put HCT in a nose spray?

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    1. I don’t know what is in that Canadian-Israeli spray. A saline solution with a mild amount of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) could be quite effective.

      Cuomo is now pleading with employers to bring their people back to the office. But you can’t keep them in NYC once they’ve tasted freedom!


  2. I was sadly not surprised to learn that the U.S. Border Patrol is aiding and abetting the invasion of our country. It’s obvious they’ve chosen to serve their pensions, not their sacred oaths. They are, after all, “only following orders.” By extension, most likely the same can be said for the military under the leadership of such careerist traitors as General Benedick Milley who has in effect made it clear that the military under his leadership will fire on its own citizenry if it comes down to that. Yes, indeed we are at war; let no one be under any false delusions that we are not.

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    1. They are in a great position to do brainwashing of the troops. They have a captive audience, with the fear of years in the military pen if you think for yourself. God is replaced by the bureaucracy.


  3. “Jan. 6 Prisoners Brutally Beaten, Stripped, Hogtied, Humiliated by Guards – One Prisoner Blinded in One Eye”

    All I can think to say in light of this outrageous totalitarianism, is where the hell is the Supreme Court?

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    1. Waiting. The Supremes are waiting for someone to bring them a case. When this does happen, they will refuse to hear the case.

      Case closed.

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  4. Question: do bugs need drugs?
    Yes they do, and it is in their specialized interest to use the power of evolutionary biology to create a completely new branch of their family tree. Drugs (selective toxins) will kill 99% of an “innocent” strain of pathogens. Because life is so cheap (in nature) and so fruitful (as in ‘multiply’) the few (or the one) mutation which arises by chance can and will form a drug-resistant newly-evolved population which is also pathogenic to the innocent immune system of the host (us), making us sick. Hence the growth of antibiotic-resistant strains of influenza, tuberculosis, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (flesh eating disease) and now the fungus Candida auris. This is why developing a vaccine (or a gene therapy, like mRNA jabs) in the middle of a pandemic only encourages the SARS CoV2 virus to mutate in order to survive (which is the prime directive of all life: survival); proving the proposition the “bugs need drugs”.
    Question 2: do drug companies need mutant drug resistant strains? Yes, this is called ‘creative marketing’.
    Question 3: do innocents need predatory capitalists to survive? …”Crickets”.
    Now you know the incredible fix we are in. “Stuck in the middle with you”

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