Build your own college?

Yet another one of those multi-talented writers in finance and economics digs into the basics of how to do a real end run around America’s failing “educational” (indoctrination) system. Nathan Lewis wrote a series of 14 practical articles with the goal of not reforming an existing college, but starting from scratch.

The school year could begin with this speech by Dennis Prager: “A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give”

On the same topic: “Preventing suicide by higher education”

In pandemic/”vaccine” news, Nitzakhon put up a lengthy, detailed, organized, and powerful blog post this morning here:

I urge you to watch his first video, at 5 minutes 19 seconds: “5 DOCTORS SURROUND MAN IN HOSPITAL ROOM AND FORCE COVID VACCINATION ON HIM” You need to mentally prepare now. What would you do in such a setting if they did that to you or your loved one?

One more comment on that story. When you or your loved one goes into the hospital or clinic, you sign a form consenting to any and all treatment the facility deems necessary for your health. You should write on that form “I DO NOT PERMIT COVID VACCINATION”. Take a picture of the amended form for your records.

“Teen Suffers Heart Attack Day After Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Jab”

“Patient Case Strongly Suggests Link Between Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine and Bell’s Palsy”

Related: “The Right to Be Let Alone: What to Do When COVID Strike Force Teams Come Knocking”

“The Propaganda War (And How to Fight It)”

“Democrats and the Tyranny of the Mob”

“Conservatives Bring the Receipts on Democrats’ Vaccine Misinformation”

“White House says nothing off the table when it comes to using big tech to silence dissent”

Matt Taibbi on the taxpayer-funded attack on Ben Shapiro: “NPR’s Brilliant Self-Own: National Public Radio complains about a media figure who tells people “what their opinions should be” and uses political “buzzwords”

“National Park Service To Spy On Picnics, Family Gatherings, Weddings And Much More”

“First, They Came For The White Cis-Gendered Hetero-Normative Males”

“As South Africa explodes in racial violence, civil rights activist warns America to brace for similar impact”

Very dangerous: “Secretary of state Blinken is setting us up for paying reparations” If you liked Civil War 1, you will love Civil War 2 – brought to you by the same party as last time!

“Biological men spreading HIV to women in prison thanks to Calif. transgender law”

She is no conservative, but “J.K. Rowling Fires Back After ‘Hundreds of Transgender Activists Threatened to Beat, Rape, Assassinate, and Bomb’ Her” No consequences for the terroristic threats, of course.

“COVID Authoritarianism Has Changed Our Polity” Oh, how quaint. Our polity? Is that one of those words invented by dead white European males? It suggests a concern over governing with the consent of the governed. Only white supremacists care about stuff like that!

“Classroom Cameras Won’t Stop Big Education. This Will.” Well, we can do both.

I believe this link came from Nitzakhon: “The map that should terrify the West”


I will talk with you next week.

19 thoughts on “Build your own college?

    1. As you can tell, I shaken off the “stun”.

      From the Epoch Times, the following is a link to a Trevor Loudon video (about 20mins long) in which he talks about Connecticut, governed by what is effectively the Communist Party, aligned with China:

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    1. Thanks for posting that, Wolfie. I saw that a couple of weeks ago, with Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. He’s great.

      I am getting a little better at getting information from the VAERS website. They are reporting only about 500 new CoVID “vaccine” deaths this past week, for a total of about 11,400. I can now report two other ominous numbers from the CoVID “vaccines”: nearly 9700 life-threatening events, and about 11,100 permanent disabilities.

      One can only imagine what the media would be doing if Pres. Trump were still in office. Overall, as of July 16, 30,675 people died, had life-threatening events, or have permanent disabilities.

      I have a lot more for you – next week.

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  1. Have you followed demographic trends in STEM recruitment? I remember the American Mathematical Society used to keep records of this sort of thing. As far back as the 1980s they reported, in their official review, some real concern about policies concerning immigration at very high rates into research mathematics. This was deliberate government policy. I fear that it got to the point of some very real technological dependence issues. China may soon corner the STEM areas, often with the US helping to finance them.

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    1. Oh, the AMS. It is possible that they were advocating for employment of Americans in the 1980, although even then they were leftists. Today, however, I assume they advocate against the country that is in their name. It is a challenge for a white male American to get a job in math. Skills are less important than skin color and sex.


      1. Yes, that A at the beginning of AMS is pretty dubious these days. I certainly have found the profession rather hostile. It’s anti-American, anti-male (especially American, but other whites too), anti-semitic, and highly class conscious. I was routinely called rich in all sorts of snide ways, virtually always, if not actually always, by people much richer than I was. But hey, I’m a white, American male with an English sounding name so I was presumed to have special connections. It’s thoroughly Leftwing. 20 years ago there was more influence from the older, Eastern European guys who hated the Left, but their clout seems to have waned. It is all very depressing, and corrupt.


        1. I forgot to mention what happened virtually every time someone found out I was Jewish, often right after some jerk would try spreading anti-Israel propaganda right in front of me, automatically assuming I was with them, as if that was the accepted norm. Well, they would just stare at me like I was a beast, then go stone-faced, continue in a weird robotic monotone and promptly cold-shoulder me, permanently.

          One day, I wore a shirt that said I love Israel on it, just to see the reaction. It was chilling. Everyone noticeably pretended not to see it.

          It got tiresome hearing conservatives say STEM was alright.


  2. That was disturbing what Nitzakhon reported about vaccine dress codes at synagogues. I would like to know how widespread that is, and any differences in prevalence between Reform, Conservative and Orthodox shuls.

    I live in Israel now and do not know what the situation in the U.S. is. Where I live, people are relatively low key about masks etc.

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    1. Tom, I am surprised to read your characterization of Israeli society. I read Israel National News daily. I get the impression that the government in the last year and a half (Netanyahu and Bennett) is leaning authoritarian regarding all things pandemic, including “vaccination”. I fear for the future of Israel.


      1. I fear for it too. I live in a decidedly non-trendy area where people still seem normal. So things probably look different up in the hotspots in Tel Aviv, for instance.


      2. I was almost forced to get used in the vax experiment, when they said I would not be able to go to work. I called their bluff and the requirement was repealed after a week. But I am still worried that that sort of strong arming could resurface and be worse the next time around.


  3. I found this over at the Epoch Times, and I thought I would add a link to it, here.

    Since you live in Israel, I thought I would ask you about something. I’ve seen three different videos in several weeks about the possibility of building a Third Temple down in what was the City of David, instead of at the Temple Mount. These videos all say that the stones of the Temple Mount were actually the outer walls of the Roman Fortress Antonia, which held up to 10 thousand men, at its height.

    Do you know anything about this? Don’t worry … I am a Christian, but I’m not one of those who wants to see the Temple rebuilt so that Jesus can return!

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    1. Wolfie, there are indeed varied views about the location of the Temple. The mainstream consensus by far was that it was on top of the Temple Mount. Think about this – why were the Muslims so eager to build their Dome of the Rock on that Mount? Obviously, to triumph over the ruins of the fallen Jewish Temple.

      Further, I would mention that in the Bible, it seems that the king’s palace is some walking distance from the Temple. Not far, but not in the same place, either.


  4. Surak:

    Excellent tip about if you go to the hospital – add that in, take a picture. And then send it to yourself and loved ones.

    It raises an excellent issue: if doctors are willing to forcibly inject someone who – very visibly – does not want this Jab, what else are they willing to do? Remember that it’s easy to do evil when you’ve been convinced you’re doing good. Mengele saw the suffering of his Jewish “patients” but was convinced he was advancing science and the Reich by it.

    Re the teen: How does the person who injected that kid, who recommended the kid get it, live with themselves? Let alone the other side effects, or even death?

    HIV from men in women’s prisons? As above, how do people who advocate this sleep at night?

    As to that trade map, yup that was me. We used to be the global powerhouse, but China – working with the Left and buying Wall Street with cheap labor – has a LONG GAME.

    @Tom: I had a visit with the local Chabad to discuss switching over. No masks evident but I wasn’t really looking. My shul is (nominally) Conservative but in practice is moving towards Reform.

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    1. My friend, Chabad nationally has been pretty clear about the importance of masking, social distancing, and I believe injections as well. One Chabad rabbi in NJ was expelled from the system for urging people not to vaccinate. He can take over when he is the lone survivor, God forbid.


      1. Very depressing. I like many things with Chabad, but they’ve long been a bit too interested in glamor. It could be their undoing.


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