Messiah, and the consent of the governed

Today is the most mournful fast day on the Jewish calendar: Tisha b’Av, the ninth day of the month of Av. Tradition has it that this is the day on which the twelve spies sent by Moses returned from their mission, and described the land of Israel in terrifying terms; as well as the day upon which both Temples were destroyed, the day of the Jewish expulsion from Spain in 1492, and the day Germany entered World War 1.

Tradition also teaches us that this is the day upon which the Jewish messiah will be born, a future king and redeemer. Thus I want to take a minute to discuss the messiah.

There are two positions of leadership in Israel requiring anointment: the high priest, and the king. Both are anointed with oil, and the person so anointed is mawshiyach. Aaron and his descendants were the first so anointed, later joined by Saul, David, Solomon, and so on.

Although the first two kings were identified by the prophet Samuel, and even anointed by him, that alone did not inaugurate the reign of the king. A very important event takes place in the second book of Samuel, chapter 5.

Then came all the tribes of Israel to David to Hebron, and spoke, saying, Behold, we are your bone and your flesh. Also in time past, when Saul was king over us, you were he that led out and brought in Israel; and the Lord said to you, You shall feed my people Israel, and you shall be a captain over Israel. So all the elders of Israel came to the king to Hebron; and king David made a covenant with them in Hebron before the Lord; and they anointed David king over Israel.

2 Samuel 5:1-3

A person cannot walk into the middle of Jerusalem and announce, “Hello, everybody. I am your king. I expect your recognition. Look, I even brought a prophet with me who will confirm this. So obey me!” It does not work like that. The proposed king must be accepted by the representatives of the people. Note carefully: the text even says that the people anointed David!

This small but important concession to the will of the people would have major ramifications 2200 years later at Runnymede (the Magna Carta, 1215) and again in Philadelphia in 1776. The American Declaration of Independence asserts that it is a self-evident truth that among the inalienable rights with which the Creator endows us is government with the consent of the governed.

How is that working out these days? I have been providing you increasing amounts of evidence that America’s government, like that of nearly all the Western countries, is fabulously unconcerned with the consent of the little people.

  • There is some controversy in Michigan, home of America’s most autocratic governor, where, after a year and a half of tyranny, the state senate passed a resolution to end the governor’s power unilaterally to renew states of emergency without end. The state house may follow the same path – or it may not – nobody knows.
  • The president of the Arizona state senate has just announced that despite the proof of sufficient electoral fraud to overturn the announced results, she believes she lacks the power to decertify the electors who were given the power to change American history by means of a crime.
  • There are rebellions brewing in France and Greece over “vaccine” passports, but the Anglophone countries, such as Australia, Britain, and Canada, have proven marvelously docile.

Here is a good overview of the worst so far in America:

Entitled “Anti-America: The Week in Review”, this essay describes a country killing its own soul, rushing headlong to embrace the values it fought so proudly for centuries. Here is the author’s list of outrages.

6. Biden policy drove 1.7 million illegals to US since January.

5. AOC & BLM stand with the dictators in Cuba.

4. Secretary of State invites the UN to investigate the USA over alleged civil rights violations.

3. Biden wants brown shirts door to door.

2. Texas Democrats attempt to destroy democracy.

  1. Psaki calls for silencing Americans.

He concludes: “…the left is proud to be against America—on every front, in every philosophy, creating every policy and in their desire to literally wish to control every American. The question is, what will Americans say in return.” He did not even touch on the American government asking private companies (social media) to censor certain statements: 1) news that 11,000 Americans and 20,000 Europeans have died from CoVID “vaccines”, and 2) there are safe and effective therapeutics that wipe out the disease. In other words, America’s government is engaged in democide against its own people.

The entity in Washington, DC has not considered itself bound by the Constitution for years. (Do you remember Pelosi’s wisecrack about the Constitution when asked about 0bamacare?) The law is solely a weapon pointed at Americans with traditional values. Leftists can get away with anything, even the same actions for which patriots are punished.

  • “Equal justice under law” no longer exists in America.
  • “Consent of the governed” no longer exists in America.

There is a new national police force, the regional offices of the Capitol Police, not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Those who love freedom need to plan for a New America, because their self-styled “progressive” neighbors are eager to “help” them into a coerced “vaccination”, and out of a job. Those neighbors do not recognize God, and thus do not recognize accountability.

Less than 3 years after the end of World War 2 and the murder of 1/3 of all Jews on earth, God birthed the first Jewish state in nearly two millennia. Nineteen years later, He permitted the conquest of the whole land, including the holy city of Jerusalem. The excited soldiers of the IDF called on the radio: “Har Ha-Bayith b’Yadeinu!” “The Temple Mount is in our hands!” They hoisted the Israeli flag over the Dome of the Rock, the likely site of the original Temple. An Israeli general ordered the flag removed. The great general Moshe Dayan then turned the key to the Temple Mount over to the Muslim Waqf (religious authority), which has since used the Mount to stone Jews at prayer in the plaza below.

Thus we rejected God’s incredible, miraculous gift of the Temple Mount, and gave it to our enemies. Tisha b’Av. Today the Jews are in synagogue, weeping, wondering when God will redeem them.

Have you heard the story about the faithful man of God who was endangered by a flood? A police car drove down the street warning people to evacuate. He called back, “God will save me!” The water rose, and a boat floated by. They invited him to sail away, but he called back, “God will save me!” Then a helicopter flew overhead as the man was up on the roof. They offered to lower a basket and rescue him, but he refused, saying, “God will save me!”

He drowned, of course. In the afterlife, he was brought before God. Frustrated, he asked God why He would not save him. God replied, “I tried to save you three times!”

We are seeing the fruits of passivity daily. This includes my conservative friends who gave in to fear and got “vaccinated”. It is our job to stay informed, and help each other. As Chuck said recently in a comment, we are a phyle (Greek for tribe).

Be well, my tribesmen!

5 thoughts on “Messiah, and the consent of the governed

  1. Luctor et Emergo
    Latin for “struggle and emerge”, it is the motto of the Dutch province of Zeeland, where a courageous people decided to push back the flood of the North Sea. And they succeeded. It is also the motto of a little known but plucky private school, the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame (go Hounds!) in Wilcox Saskatchewan, where my good friend Canon Alan Jackson attended during his formative years.
    It is commonly assumed that when one “struggles”, it is against something and involves some form of suffering. But you can also struggle FOR a cause, whether physical, spiritual or moral, and the suffering may be mistaken for “efforting”. For example most of us know how to swim; not me, I can barely swim the length of a pool before my heavy bones sink me, despite half a life time of swimming lessons. I defy Archimedes’s Principle (and so do my siblings), so I know the meaning of the opposite motto: “Luctor et Submergo”.
    Each one of us is a unique individual, and within the earthly host there are authoritarians and freedom lovers (see my comment on Surak’s last post entitled “Freedom”), the intolerant and the tolerant, Jew haters and Jew lovers, exclusives and inclusives. Cast me in the tribe which tends toward the latter categories, for although my heavy bones sink me, I love the water and refuse to be intimidated by it. Neither has my family broken any bones, preferring to bend instead of break.

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  2. “An Israeli general ordered the flag removed. The great general Moshe Dayan then turned the key to the Temple Mount over to the Muslim Waqf (religious authority), which has since used the Mount to stone Jews at prayer in the plaza below.”

    There’s a movie, IN OUR HANDS, about this very battle (and the lead-up to it). According to the movie the Israeli flag was removed on Dayan’s orders.

    My latest at Liberty’s Torch:

    An Israeli general ordered the flag removed. The great general Moshe Dayan then turned the key to the Temple Mount over to the Muslim Waqf (religious authority), which has since used the Mount to stone Jews at prayer in the plaza below.

    The Temple Mount was given over in the hopes it would show “good faith” to the Arabs. HAH!

    FYI, you’re listed on Liberty’s Torch!

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  3. We gentiles owe the Jews a debt of deep gratitude. They are and always will be the people and the priests of the Lord, and a light to us gentiles (Isa. 49:6; Ex. 19:6). The founding of our greatest of all nations was impossible without that which the Jews gave to us in the law and testimony, but most especially in Jesus the Messiah, their King and ours.

    That said, I do not wish to quibble with you, Surak, but I must give you a nugget of interpretation that does not conflict with your assertions about the consent of the governed, but expands it into another direction.

    God is, and always has been, the King of Israel and also of the entire world (Psa. 89:18; Hosea 13: 9-11; Zeph. 3:15; Zech. 9:14, 16-17; Mal. 1:14; Psa. 74:12, and others). His relationship to mankind (intimate and without sin) was ruined by us in Eden.

    Samuel, the last judge and prophet, in 1 Sam. 8 has a conversation with God. He is an old man and the right of succession seems destined to go to his sons to be prophet / priest / judge following Samuel’s death. But the people do NOT CONSENT to be ruled by Samuel’s sons because they are demonstrably corrupt (v. 3). The PEOPLE ask for a king, to be their judge. This makes Samuel miserable (v. 6) and God tenderly tells Samuel what is really going on: Israel has not rejected Samuel, but the LORD Himself as King (v. 7). Further, God tells Samuel to give them what they want, but warn them of the miseries that will come when a mortal man reigns over them as King (vv. 9 – 22).

    Saul was appointed by God as the first king, nevertheless, Saul’s reign confirmed God’s warnings about earthly kings. The Kings of Israel were universally bad, but the few good kings of Judah had one thing in common – they sought the Lord and His principles for governing (mostly).

    Although Israel freely chose and consented to have a king, it was and is the providence of God to set up our rulers and all authority over us, to fulfill His purposes (Daniel 2:21). Ultimately, God will rule over us again in the person of Messiah. God will be King forever. His purposes and plans are never thwarted. We belong to Him and He rules even now, whether we want it or not, whether we know it or not.

    The Judeo-Christian principles in our founding led us to (narrowly!) avoid making a king of George Washington. If he had not been like his predecessor, the noble Cincinnatus, surely we would be stuck with earthly kings even now. Yes, the Greeks had an idea of democracy, but this, also was rejected in favor of republic. I think, without the scriptures, we would certainly be yet another monarchy among many. Democracy was rejected because our founders knew about the corrupting influence of power.

    Until the Messiah comes (again), we do well to designate only those whose spirit is like the noble Cincinnatus, whose mind is well-versed in the lessons of history and our unique and valuable form of government.


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