Must watch, must share

Please watch and share these videos. These are very serious and it is only getting worse.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains Why Covid Injection ‘Shedding’ is So Concerning (23 mins.)

The Spike Protein – Dr. Byram Bridle Professor of Viral Immunology University of Guelph (8 mins.)

“A CHINESE Military Scientist Made A Covid Vaccine Before The Pandemic Was Declared And Mysteriously Died Just Weeks Later” He may be a secret defector.

“In 2020 Indian Scientists Discovered COVID-19 Was Engineered with AIDS-Like Insertions – Emails Show Fauci Called It “Outlandish” which led to the Published Study Being Withdrawn”

“COVID Origins Report From Lawrence Livermore “Z Division” Concluded In May 2020 Lab Leak ‘Plausible'”

“Remember Donald Trump-touted hydroxychloroquine? Study in India backs it as Covid-19 cure”

“WHO Chief Scientist Served Legal Notice in India for Allegedly Suppressing Data on Drug to Treat COVID-19”

WHO Celebrates As Indian Health Regulator Removes Ivermectin from Its Covid-19 Protocol

“Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin therapy at a higher dose improved survival by nearly 200% in ventilated COVID patients”

1 thought on “Must watch, must share

  1. Surak, thanks for posting these very valuable comments and links. I notice that the article on the weight-adjusted HCQ / AZM therapy did not mention zinc, which was the third stool leg of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s successful treatments in NYC at the very outset of this madness. Not sure why that omission, but this is good stuff — keep posting. All blessings to you and yours.

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