Pandemic and vaccine news: June 7, 2021

“Unthinkable Thoughts” From a scientist:

  • “Knowledge beforehand
  • Suppression of treatments and cures
  • Toxicity of the spike protein which, if it had been made by nature, should have been benign
  • Inclusion of the spike protein
  • Heavy promotion of scantily-tested vaccines and
  • Censorship of scientists and doctors who question the vaccines’ safety

… putting together all this evidence, it is difficult to escape the inference that powerful people and organizations have engineered this pandemic with deadly intent.”

A comprehensive analysis of vaccine adverse events data, including a huge number of adverse events, a huge number of serious adverse events, a huge number of deaths.

“Stop Trusting the Experts!” ‘If you want to follow the science, you must first study, question, and understand the science. Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of some scientist’s personal incentives, biases, and values. Far from science, that’s such a clear act of faith that it animates the biblical warning, “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.”’

“mRNA technology pioneer says Covid-19 vaccinated people can shed spike protein, Twitter says delete this” Trust the experts.

“High-Ranking Chinese Defector Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ of Several Chinese Special Weapons Programs” This should be one of the top stories in the country. This is basic confirmation of our worst nightmares, straight from China. Will they try to discredit him as they tried to discredit Dr. Yan? Worse – the DIA would not trust the CIA, FBI, or State Department with this defector because those agencies are filled with Chinese moles. Oh – my – God. Major scoop!

“COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room” The authors show that the alleged large relative risk reduction with the “vaccines” is not a large absolute risk reduction. If you prevent 90% of deaths resulting from infection, but only 0.26% of infections result in deaths, you improved the survival rate from 99.74% to 99.97%, not a major change.

“Biden’s Worst Move Yet: Giving U.S. Vaccine Tech to China” So they can make a more lethal bioweapon next time?!

“COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds More Than Triple in 1 Week” Too bad about your daughters ovaries.

“Did Pfizer Fail to Perform industry Standard Animal Testing Prior to Initiation of mRNA Clinical Trials?”

“Lymph Node Findings on PET: Cancer or COVID Vaccine?” Imaging machines are confusing vaccine residue with cancer. I wonder why?

“117 Employees File Lawsuit Against Texas Hospital for Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine” Note the new section of links at the bottom of my blog page, called “Legal”.

‘Danish ISP temporarily blocked access to BitChute over “coronavirus misinformation”’ We do not want comrades thinking for themselves.

The great Dr. Zelenko being interviewed by Jenna Ellis on gain-of-function (GOF) research.

“Chinese military ‘engineered mice with humanized lungs’ in 2019 to test viruses on them – just months before the pandemic erupted”

0bama lifted ban on gain-of-function research 11 days before Trump inauguration – shortly after which Fauci “guaranteed” us that we would have a pandemic by the end of Trump’s term. Oh – my – God.

“Dr. Scott Atlas Excoriates Fauci’s ‘Unconscionable’ Handling Of Pandemic”

“Time to Call out the Most Evil Act of Mass Murder Since Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong” To beat Trump in the election, it would be worth killing nearly 4 million people? Mrs. Surak says that the population of China is a LOT less than what they say – maybe even under 1 billion…? Fauci’s denial of HCQ in America may have caused 500,000 deaths.

“The End of the Wuhan Scamarama” A doctor notes that Fauci accepted most requests for television interviews, but denied most requests to be a panelist with other doctors and scientists… who could have called him out…! The author quotes Paula Bolyard who asks you to consider where you will be spending the US-Sino War.

“How Top Public Health Officials Spun Tangled Web of Lies Around COVID Origin, Treatments”

  1. There was a conspiracy between the five authors of the Nature paper and the heads of the NIH, NIAID and Wellcome Trust to cover up the lab origin of COVID.
  2. There was a conspiracy involving Daszak , Fauci and others to push the natural origin theory. (See other emails in the recent drop.)
  3. There was a conspiracy involving Daszak to write the Lancet letter and hide its provenance, to push the natural origin theory and paint any other ideas as conspiracy theory. Collin’s blog post is another piece of this story.
  4. Farrar was intimately involved in both large hydroxychloroquine overdose trials, in which about 500 subjects total died.
  5. Farrar, Fauci and Collins withheld research funds that could have supported quality trials of the use of chloroquine drugs and ivermectin and other repurposed drugs that might have turned around the pandemic.
  6. Are the four individuals named here — Fauci, Daszak, Collins and Farrar —  intimately involved in the creation of the pandemic, as well as the prolongation and improper treatments used during the pandemic?

“5,165 Deaths Reported Following COVID Vaccines” The swine flu vaccine was stopped after about 25 deaths. Now over 5000 deaths in just a few months???

“Dutch Leader Exposes Globalist Covid ‘Obedience Training’ Plot”

“‘Rare’ genome sequencing almost certainly proves Covid WAS deliberately made in a Chinese lab before it leaked to the world” Blockbuster reporting on some brave research.

“China to build over two dozen bio labs like Wuhan Institute in next 5 years” Unless we stop them.

How ivermectin works. Don’t let the anti-science left bully you.

I will be reading your comments over the next week.

8 thoughts on “Pandemic and vaccine news: June 7, 2021

    1. The Pandemic has provided the Left with what they’ve always wanted … a path to absolutist government.

      I may have mentioned this before, and please bear with me. History runs in cycles. When one crisis is done away with, it’s only a matter of time before the next crisis comes. On 29 July, this year, a one hundred year anniversary will occur. On July 29, 1921, Adolf Hitler became the leader of of a hitherto relatively unknown political party in Munich, Germany. What happened after that is a very well-known history. He merely took advantage of a crisis that had already taken place … the financial crisis, a lost war and its aftermath, deeply-rooted hatreds against Jews and others that had been fermenting in Germany for many years, and so on. The rest is history.

      To defeat him took another crisis, and the death of over 50 million people, worldwide I’m a member of what may be the last generation to know and venerate veterans of the Second World War. What followed was the nuclear age, the Cold War, and festering fears.

      On January 31, 1999, I might be one of the only people in my family not to look forward to a new year, a new century, and a new millennium. I dreaded the future, and what it might bring.

      God help us all to stay the course, and keep the faith, during trying times ahead.

      Thanks, Surak, for this blogpost …

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      1. The occult ties that were a mixture of Theosophy, mythology, astrology, various psychics, masonry, and many other sources, contributed a lot to Hitler’s rise to power, and the horrors that came along with it all.
        The WWII Vets are a very special group that fought and gave their all. Those that came home tried to pass that along. For some it stuck, for others it did not. Their loss.

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  1. Nitzakhon published his opinion here:

    He includes many useful links; some of his were published before my post above.

    I felt the same way that he did up until recently. Now I’m not sure. He is right that acquired immunity is better than getting the jab. But more is coming out, even today, on the nasty, contrived nature of this virus.

    The last chapter of this story has not been written. Listen to all sides, learn, protect yourselves and your loved ones.

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    1. Thanks for the mention!

      Do I want to be sick? No. Do I want to take the Jab? H*LL NO to the power of F U. (Trying to be self-censoring here.)

      I expect, unless a miracle happens, that Jabs for everyone will soon be mandated as it has been in multiple other countries. Give the risks of the Jab, I’d rather go through the risk of natural infection rather than the shot.

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    2. Surak, I mentioned to you that I caught COVID, several months ago (some mild fever, one evening, and some muscle aches and pains, the next day). I know that you’re aware of the fact that my wife was vaccinated in the nursing home, the first dose coming before her knee surgery, and the second two weeks later. You mentioned to me that you feared for me because of viral shedding (I think that’s the term). But it’s been two months since her second vaccination, and she will be in the nursing home until the 18th of this month.

      Note that I do not share the opinion of the following link, at all. I believe that there is a significant risk of contracting the virus from vaccinated people.

      I’m doing all that I can to protect myself, in the meantime, including the taking of supplements. Note that Ivermectin is not being prescribed by any physicians, in my area.

      The one element in her story is that she was not capable of giving informed consent when she was “vaccinated”. I have an attorney who will go after EVERYONE responsible, if worse comes to worse.

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      1. Wolfie, I am not sure how it is that one would contract a virus from vaccinated people unless they already have the virus. What you could come into contact with might be the spike protein their bodies are now manufacturing. The spike protein, according to the Salk Institute study, is what can make you really sick.

        As far as the availability of ivermectin and HCQ, I remind readers to please familiarize yourselves with the links at the bottom of the blog. Speak With An MD is a telemedicine service that puts you in touch with a doctor who can prescribe prednisone, ivermectin, HCQ, and or azithromycin if the situation warrants it. Please go to that link now and make your appointment. Do not wait until the last minute. Please do it today.

        I don’t understand why Mrs. Wolfie is still in the nursing home. She should be able to come home quickly after knee replacement surgery. That facility is very dangerous; clearly they disregarded the family’s wishes. You should be able to have her at home, and bring in physical and occupational therapists as needed to your home.

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        1. I understand your concern about the length of time she’s spent in the nursing home. She’s nine years younger than I am, but she’s been in poor health for some time, now. In ten days, she’ll be back home. I’m not cut out for the bachelor’s life, to say the least. Concerning her vaccination, they didn’t even know the family’s wishes. I was never consulted, and a urinary tract infection resulted in “psychotic thoughts”, meaning that I believed she was having a psychotic break. Thanks to the intervention of a good doctor, he caught this fact through testing, and antibiotics have restored her mental health, before she was committed to an in-patient psychiatric facility.

          She’s in good spirits, now, and is no longer confined to her room in isolation. She’s made friends among the population of the nursing home. The only concern anyone has is a slight infection in the knee that was replaced. However, that is now rapidly healing, and she’s actually walking now, and undergoing therapy. She will have a home health aide, when she comes home, which she’s anxious to do.

          Thirteen years ago, her other knee was replaced, and she went home two days after the surgery. She’s always been determined to walk without pain. She’s even planning to write a book, when she gets home. Since she can’t handle a computer, I’m buying her an electric typewriter! The working title to her book is “I am Here!”, referring to how most people treat psychiatric patients. Indeed, one of the chapters will be called, “Are your sick? How do you feel, dear? Are you okay? Do you need an ambulance?” These are all phrases people have used when they see her in a public venue, like a coffee shop. These phrase all directed to an intelligent woman who worked as an RN for over 20 years.

          Also, thanks for the information in your last post. It’s good to see that I can get the medications we spoke of.

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