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Biden is not President: visual proof!

Readers of this blog know that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. I assumed that Joe Biden would assume, illegitimately, the office of the Presidency.

Something much worse is happening, hard though it may be to believe. There is visual evidence from *mainstream* legacy news sources that something unprecedented has happened. The presidency is now virtual. Joe is not in control, and I doubt that Kamala is smart enough to pull this off.

Watch the videos below for yourselves, and tell me what you think.

See especially 0:06-0:12.
See especially 0:02-0:06

In the first tweet, the top of Biden’s head disappears. Some people dismiss this as image compression – maybe.

The combination of the next tweet and the following video are inexplicable. Download that video before Youtube deletes it!

The second tweet appears to show Biden approaching reporters to speak with them briefly. His hand reaches out, between 0:06-0:12, and magically crosses in front of the microphones, on the camera side, before being withdrawn. This comes from the Hill, as mainstream as they come.

This too was excused as an artifact of perspective. However, the Youtube video shows the same scene from a different angle. When Biden’s hand reaches out, 0:02-0:06, his hand should be behind the microphone, from our perspective, if the previous excuse were accurate. Instead, his hand appears to be closer to the camera, closer to us, once again, which is geometrically impossible.

There is only possible conclusion – this event did not take place as it appears. This was a virtual event, an event with layers taking place in different locations at different times, and stitched together with low-quality editing.

It is so obvious now. They are not trying to hide it. Biden, whoever or whatever he may be at this point, is not running our government. That leaves us with the terrifying question – who is running our government? And will we ever get it back?

Please share these videos. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican – these videos are impossible. Something is very wrong.

Men of distinction

Objectivist author Ayn Rand organized her magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged, around three laws of Aristotelian logic: Non-Contradiction (A and not-A cannot both be true); Either-Or (A is true or not-A is true); and identity (A is A).

The modern study of Boolean logic, starting in the nineteenth century, established that only one propositional logical operator is required to generate all possible propositional logical operations: the operation of distinction. This operation states: A and B cannot both be true.

The operation of distinction is under universal assault. Consequently, all rational thought is under assault. I give you British Columbia father Rob Hoogland:

He is facing JAIL TIME for not addressing his 14-year-old daughter with male pronouns, and for not cooperating in the planned chemical mutilation of her body.

The American military has not thoroughly defeated an enemy since World War 2, in the sense of accepting the enemy’s surrender, and the enemy ceases fighting. In the last week, however, they finally found a target worthy of their fury: a rogue journalist who questioned whether pregnant women made the best warriors. While the brass vented their outrage in uniform, a headline says 65% of women fail the Army Combat Fitness Test versus 10% of men.

One veteran wrote in response that he wished he had the assistance of a platoon of pregnant women at Hamburger Hill. Another acerbic commenter asked if we could have this new, very serious armed forces guarding our southern border, while sending the hyper-aggressive FBI to Afghanistan to end our 20-year war there.

Yes, our FBI is running the civilian equivalent of tanks in American streets, in peaceful neighborhoods, to arrest and intimidate civilians who thought, after the 2020 ANTIFA/BLM riots, that they had the right to mostly peacefully protest:

French intellectual Renaud Camus has written about Le Grand Remplacement: the great replacement. The demographics of Europe and America make the title not a conspiracy theory, as Wikipedia states, but objective fact.

Camus is sensitive to aesthetics; replacement is not merely demographic.

Stone masonry is being replaced by ferroconcrete, concrete by plaster, marble by chip aggregate, timber by PVC, town and countryside by the universal suburb, earth by cement and tar, seaside by seaside resorts, mountains by ski resorts and ski lifts, paths by hiking trails, nature by land-use planning…, clients by friends, friends by clients, culture by entertainment…, exercise by sport…, literature by journalism, journalism by information, news by fake news, truth by fallacy, last name by first name…, intimacy by familiarity…, history by ideology…, politics by economics…, the experience of looking and living by sociology…, natives by non-natives…, men by women…, men and women by robots…, humanity by post-humanity, humanism by transhumanism, man by Undifferentiated Human Matter (UHM).

Renaud Camus, You Will Not Replace Us!, pp. 14-15

His more profound contribution to understanding our time is the phrase “undifferentiated human matter” (UHM). Distinction is dangerous in a world wherein human life forms are valued for their protoplasm alone. The replacers overturn Kant’s teaching to treat every person as an end in himself. No: the replacers treat people as means to an end.

The end, ironically, is the last permissible distinction: membership in The Club. You are in or you are out. If you are out, the sport of The Club is to hunt you to your death: whether by homicide or suicide is immaterial.

Were you aware that a New York City family physician had her 6-year-old daughter taken away from her, because the mother committed the apparent crime of not wearing a mask on the sidewalk?

I fear we are entering a dark time, when the terrifying visions of ancient prophets will manifest with the aid of technology, and the acquiescence of a people who believe they have outgrown their need for God. With your understanding, I would like to begin discussing some books and other writings, outside of the respectable mainstream, that may illuminate some of the fundamental ways we have gone wrong.

The survival value of disgust

Surak reader fsy understandably questioned the necessity of including a disgusting image in a recent blog post. I did not intend to embed the image, only a link to find it on another website. The image appeared in the final post; lesson to the blogger.

However, the question remained with me: what is disgust?

“Dis-” means bad; “gust” means taste. Disgust means the sensation of poor taste. But it means so much more than mere snobbery.

Of all the faculties of sensation, taste and smell are the most primitive. We humans share them with animals at all levels, and arguably even with non-animal life forms.

You see, taste and smell are how we distinguish nourishment from poison. A chemical trigger has an aesthetic experience attached to it.

Later, as mankind acquired philosophy, the love of wisdom, philosophers from Aristotle to Kant wrote about aesthetics, taste, and judgment. Some of us concluded that certain things must not be depicted on stage; they are obscene; they violate natural boundaries, boundaries established by the inherent purposes (telos) of things. Nowadays, the stage has been replaced by Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, in which every one can be a star.

Part of the campaign of demoralization carried out by the left is the relentless war on the beautiful (harmonious) and the promotion of the ugly (discordant). We discussed that earlier:

Another part of the campaign of demoralization is the relentless war on the normative and the promotion of the obscene. This is the purpose of the image that readers found disgusting. Good for you: you are spiritually healthy enough to know what nourishes and what is poison.

Why do we hesitate to enforce basic standards? In my study of civilizations and religions, I have discovered an interesting pattern repeating around the world. This can be explained in a table.


Reading history, I found that there are three civilizations that are more than 2000 years old, still in existence today, that were literate for over 2000 years, and maintain a constant language and spiritual tradition: Israel, India, and China. Each civilization had a “yang” religion, in which one grows in accordance with obedience to a complex code of behavior. In reaction, each civilization developed a “yin” religion, in which one grows in accordance to a realization of some fundamental understanding about the nature of reality.

The yang religions developed many distinctions, to the point that some of their followers may have perceived the rules as neurotic. This may have spurred interest in a new spiritual vehicle that abandoned many of the old distinctions. We may be reaping the harvest of such an approach taken too far. Both Jesus (born Jewish) and Buddha (born Hindu) had no hesitation to leave behind rules for their own followers.

If it were up to me, I would expand the range of the death penalty to include some drug dealers, and all adults who molest children. As the Jewish midrash teaches, those who are merciful to the cruel, are ultimately cruel to the innocent.

Time is running out

My head is reeling with the news of the last few days. I ask your understanding as I plan to share more frequently with you than I have in the past. You need to know how bad it is out there.

I will not say that the left is insane: unable to distinguish between right and wrong. They know. They have chosen.

In the video below, the host and most of the video commenters celebrate a random act of terrorism by a black man against an Asian-operated nail salon. (They assume the employees are Korean; the employees are almost certainly Vietnamese.)

The sick transvestite man pictured in the tweet below asserted that the little girls he wants to follow into washrooms are just as kinky as he.

Future Human: “Humans May Not Be Able to Reproduce Naturally Much Longer, Scientist Warns: Everyday chemicals are threatening the future of human fertility”

Alt-Market: “How The Fight Over American Freedom Will Probably Escalate”

Daily Wire: “Grading Writing Based On Quality Is ‘Racist,’ Promotes ‘White Language Supremacy’”

Guy Millière in the Geller Report: “A Storm Over the American Republic”:

Bari Weiss in City Journal: affluent parents with children in private schools are horrified by the extreme racial anti-white agenda.

Christopher Rufo in City Journal: “California’s proposed ethnic studies curriculum urges students to chant to the Aztec deity of human sacrifice”; students are urged to enable “counter-genocide” against whites.

Between the calls of “Allahu akbar” (Allah is the greatest) and “All I want is white genocide”… at some point, you have to say: maybe these folks really do mean what they say.

We have seen this before, have we not? This is what it must have been like in 1930s Germany for the Jews.

The difference is that the targeted group is the majority. By majority, I do not mean whites per se. Rather, I mean normal people of every race: the people in the middle of my graphic in an earlier blog post:

The destination for the majority cannot be the gas chambers for all; the logistics would not permit it. Rather, sufficient demoralization will encourage the normal, mostly white majority to commit suicide through drugs, or stop bringing children into the world. They will be bullied into being ashamed of themselves.

What do we do? The argument online is heated. There is increasing interest in secession, which I support. The opposition, which I also respect, says this: secession will not make the left disappear. They will come after you no matter where you are. Their goal is the destruction of happy, independent, responsible people.

That is true. However, it is easier to repel an enemy across an international border than it is to “pacify” tens of millions of your fellow citizens. Invasion can always be met with lethal force.

I have not heard a plan for how to take back America from the perverts and thugs shown above and their tens of millions of enablers. There is a small population of Americans who are hard-core survivalists. They may use their training to survive in the woods for years – or not. Ask Randy Weaver about that. One hundred survivalists in hidden cabins in each of America’s three thousand counties do not a civilization make.

We have lost America because we did not value it enough to defend it from its internal enemies. We must start over in New America, learning from our mistakes.

New America

Vaccines, institutions, lies, and corruption

I would like to ask all Surak readers to say a prayer for the recovery of our friend Nitzakhon. He underwent a cardiovascular catheterization today. He is already home and posting to his friends, but he is not out of the woods yet.

An internet outage kept me offline Sunday. Now I can report to you on the movie that Mrs. Surak and I watched earlier today – Vaxxed: The Movie.

This movie has been banned from Amazon in its American NTSC format – why?

The documentary was made in 2016, apparently. It depicts the growing awareness of an association between MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccination in a child’s second year, and autism spectrum disorder. The incidence of autism has exploded worldwide in the last 40 years, and numbers began increasing after the introduction of the MMR triple vaccine. Parents repeatedly told their stories of happy, healthy children who turned autistic days after the vaccine. Repeatedly, these parents were accused of being crazy or negligent.

I am not an anti-vaxxer. I have taken just about every vaccine I know of. However, I think the scientists in the film make a credible case that the triple vaccine is dangerous, but that its components are probably safe as individual vaccines.

If you watch Vaxxed, you will discover an incredible amount of lying and corruption at the government agencies that are supposed to keep us safe. In turn, those agencies appear to be under the control of the major pharmaceutical companies.

Furthermore, at the time the film was made, about one million (!) children had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in America. The number is expected to soar to half of all new births within a decade. Parents who refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated as toddlers are attacked as irresponsible and dangerous.

The purpose of this blog post is not to engage in a debate over vaccines. Rather, my purpose is to ask why we cannot have a national debate on vaccines, lockdowns, masks, the election results, the climate, or many other things. If the truth is so obvious, then asking sincere questions should not threaten anyone.

In the past year, I have gradually come to distrust any and every “official” source of information, whether it be a government agency, or what Wikipedia laughably describes as a “reliable source”.

I have a close family member who was just temporarily hospitalized for the treatment of a long-standing psychological disorder. He has taken medications for decades under the care of a psychiatrist.

I asked some questions about his care while speaking with another close family member who lives much closer to the unwell family member than I do. I proposed that we re-consider the addictive psychotropic drugs he has been taking for decades, and try a new strategy. She assured me, in hushed, reverential tones, that the unwell family member was being cared for in the hospital by… another psychiatrist – together with his list of specialty drugs.

In other words, the problem will be fixed by doing more of the same that got us into this mess in the first place – kind of like Federal Reserve policy, or “equity in education”, and so on.

These two family members are government workers and loyal Democrats, trusting the “experts” even at the cost of their own lives.

I demand the right to think for myself, and to act according to my own convictions, provided I injure no one else in the process.

Can the center hold?

Dear Surak readers, I have been reading extensively on the subjects of politics, class, IQ, lifestyle, and so on. I also examined exit polls from the last two presidential elections. I think there is a growing body of evidence to support the following hypothesis.

The growing split in America is not solely a left-right split, but is also a split of the center from the extremes. The left-right split was shown in this blog’s first post: The graphic below was created by the Economist magazine, and illustrates again the slight rightward shift of Republicans contrasted with the substantial leftward shift of Democrats.

For the purpose of my new perspective, the center in this case is not the political center. Rather, the center is the middle-class; the bourgeoisie; the humble shop-keepers; the people who go to church once per week and salute the flag. The sociological center of the nation is politically conservative because of their respect for tradition, and their desire for stability.

In contrast, the source of political churn is an alliance of the upper-class with the lower-class. The former covets power; the latter needs money. They co-operate to shake down the middle-class. They can’t eliminate the middle-class, who produce most of America’s GDP. But they can demoralize the middle-class, to keep them as productive slaves.

Here is a graphic I created to illustrate this concept.

The inspiration for this was realizing that IQ and the logarithm of income in America are both distributed approximately as bell curves. The whole population is indicated by the dashed gray curve at the top.

I then made an arbitrary choice: to visualize the sociological center as half the population (the long-term average Republican vote), with the same center as the whole population, and – most crucially – two-thirds the variability of the entire population. They are depicted as lying under the solid blue curve.

Simple subtraction showed me the behavior of the Democrat half of the population, lying under the red curve. They have a somewhat diminished appeal to the sociological center, whom they deride as deplorables. Their strength derives from their two wings, the two humps in the graph. I have labeled the lower hump the dependents (including 22 million illegal aliens soon to join the voting rolls), and the upper hump the manipulators (government-academia-media-entertainment-technological elite-big business = GAMETEBB).

Although the left has needed the deplorables for centuries for the latter’s productive capacity, the former have no idea how to keep the sociological center happy. With the use of increasingly cutting-edge technology, they hope to break free of their dependence on the middle-class. They will use the lower-class as their muscle to enforce their oligarchic rule, replacing more and more jobs with artificial intelligence and robots.

All of these new devices must be programmed and maintained, which the dependents are not capable of doing. Hence there must be a drastic reduction in human population by some means or another.

Two ways of achieving negative population growth are: 1) unleashing a man-made and ever-mutating viral pandemic, to which a mandatory vaccine creates a deadly response (ADE = antibody dependent enhancement); 2) Bill Gates unleashing a massive cloud of particulates into the atmosphere to diminish solar radiation on the earth, at the same time the sun is moving towards a grand solar minimum, and moving us early to the next ice age.

It would be necessary for every media bobble-head to agree to every absurdity (a POTUS severely handicapped by dementia) and to attack fiercely any independent thought as conspiracy theory.

It is happening here. I do not think that conservatives have the strength to hold America together without a ferocious civil war that will dwarf the previous one in casualties. I would not make any assumptions about the military or law enforcement being on our side. We need to find people who believe in God and His Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and start over.