Alt-tech and secession

Have you heard the news? The Democrats have overplayed their hand. They decided to unify the country by impeaching President Trump again, just one week before he is due to leave office. They are shutting down free speech and ruining the lives of dissenters, just like their heroes did in communist countries.

This puts Republicans in a great position going into the mid-term elections, and hoping to retake the White House in four years, right? No. We accepted the theft of millions of votes once, and now the precedent has been set. The “Supreme Court” got the message loud and clear. And the new states of District of Corruption and Puerto Rico will cooperate with 22 million new citizens to keep Democrats in control forever.

I want to be the rare conservative who thanks the Democrats for finally revealing their true nature to the tens of millions of conservatives who thought the Democrats were a patriotic opposition party. In fact, the Democrats are cultural marxists, whether they are leaders or followers (the so-called centrist moderates).

The technological tools they forged to enslave us will turn out to be the keys to our freedom. You see, those tools work for everyone, even “deplorables”. I will elaborate on some of these solutions, but you can read more at the following links:

I have finally closed my Facebook account after more than 10 years, and moved to MeWe (social networking):

Twitter has been replaced by Parler (microblogging): (If they don’t return soon, Gab may become the alternative.)

YouTube has been replaced by Rumble (video sharing):

Google Chrome has been replaced by Brave (internet browser):

Google search has been replaced by DuckDuckGo (internet search):

Gmail and the like has been replaced by ProtonMail (e-mail):

They all work. There is no law that keeps you stuck with Big Brother.

Since Google owns Youtube, the last four categories are all part of Google. Look at this graph of the size of the five largest American publicly-traded businesses by market capitalization.

The concentration of power is astonishing; nearly 19% of the US stock market consists of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Based on this chart, I would start anti-trust actions against all five. They are truly a danger to the republic.

The libertarian reaction to the banning of people on Twitter is: build your own app. Here is Parler, which gets banned on the Apple and Google stores. Therefore, build your own website, say the libertarians. They do, and the web host, Amazon, drops them. Therefore, build your own… internet?

Elon Musk is building his own space-based internet called Starlink: This will enable Chinese citizens to climb the Great Internet Firewall of China, and may benefit deplorable Americans as well. Allegedly, Musk is also interested in developing new phones that will give us a new choice besides Android (Google) and Apple.

With the assistance of free-thinking refugees from Silicon Valley, we are going to become technologically independent of the hive.

Texas legislator Kyle Biedermann was interviewed on Newsmax by Chris Salcedo regarding the former’s Texas National Movement. Here is the interview: Here is the website of the TNM:

The interview got enormous positive feedback. Commenters seen online ask permission to immigrate to the new Republic of Texas, and Biedermann revealed that legislators in other states are interested in joining his movement.

One benefit of the past four years is that far more Americans than ever before have been red-pilled. More of us now understand the utter betrayal by establishment “conservatives”, not to mention the outright treason and psychopathy of the left. Both sides, I think, will be happier in separate countries.

The GDP of the most hardcore conservative states in the north-central region is quite small, however. The new country will have very little chance of success without Texas. With Texas, we have a fighting chance. Texans, do the right thing!

13 thoughts on “Alt-tech and secession

  1. I feel better upon reading this post, having de-Googled myself to the point of using three out of the six platforms you mentioned above. I would add Odysee and Bitchute as video alternatives on the rise. Keep the great posts coming, SurakVulcan.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Chado, may I ask about your name? I know that “chado” is the Japanese phrase for the way (do) of tea (cha). Is that the meaning for you?

      My Chinese father-in-law makes sure to prepare a very large mug of green tea for the day every morning. Now we read that green tea may have some prophylactic value against coronavirus. I am going to have to go drink some tea!

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    1. Give Biden-Harris a year or two. Those who favor splitting America in two will rise, exponentially. I know quite a few people who are hoping the next year or two won’t be as bad as many think. They will be ready to break away, fairly soon.

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  2. Please.

    Do you think the Left is going to let HERETICS walk away and just leave? Do you think they’ll let vast swaths of unconverted territory just exist in peace beside them:?

    Not. A. Chance.

    These people are missionaries; they are metastasizing into red areas now. And unless the new Red country does two things:

    1. Apply [Biblical principles].

    2. Enact strict ideological checks and a ten-year residency before voting, or something similar, they will Hijra in to convert red to blue.


    1. I think there is a chance, but I am far from certain. The left finds conservatives so revolting that they want them to leave, move out, go… Do you remember the motto among European anti-Semites before World War 2? “Jews to Palestine!” So too here. They can set up little paradises in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, if only the deplorables would leave them alone. At last, socialism done right!

      I agree so far: the borders of a new free American nation must be sealed from invasion by the left. If they want to invade the Free Republic of Texas, they will learn a hard lesson.


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