A petition for fair and verifiable elections

I would like to ask you to read and sign a petition circulated by a friend of mine. He designed a process to ensure fair and verifiable elections. Here is the link: http://chng.it/4qztCYRcyd

Another friend and I wrote a preamble to explain the context of this petition.

We are writing to entreat our political leaders to adopt this proposed ballot process framework to ensure the integrity of the upcoming election, and future elections ongoing.

Nearly all aspects of American life have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, and to a far higher degree than observed in the earlier Spanish and Asian flu pandemics, which were far more lethal per capita. Some voices in the public sphere have warned Americans, without any scientific evidence, that going to vote might cost members of the public their lives. These voices have urged the adoption of 100% mail-in voting, without any attempt made to ensure the integrity of the election process.

At a minimum, Americans should have the right to expect the following features of an election process:

only people who are eligible to vote may cast votes (this includes US citizenship, residence in the district in which the vote is cast, age at least 18, among others);

every eligible voter’s vote will be counted once and only once.

This is not the place to enumerate the evidence that our current election system is subject to tampering and fraud. It is our goal to present a method to verify chain of custody for ballots; verify voter eligibility; and verify proper recording and tabulation of ballots.

Both the federal government and state governments have a role to play in election reform. State governments hold elections, and the federal government oversees voting as a constitutional civil right. We ask President Trump and Congressional leaders, together with governors and state legislatures, to act on our proposal, so that Americans can have confidence in the results of the upcoming election. Thank you, and God bless America.

Once again – please sign and share this petition with your list: http://chng.it/4qztCYRcyd

Also, please make a small contribution to enable advertising the petition within the change.org website. Thank you!

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